One of the best ways to use a resource is to reuse it.

In addition, we’re committed to making sure all the waste created by our supply chain and by us is reused, recycled, composted, or when necessary, converted into energy. It’s an ambitious goal that requires collaboration among multiple FORCE INDIA TEAMS, local governments, and specialty recyclers, but we’ve already seen great success.

Water Conservation

Every molecule of water we use matters.

We’re constantly working to minimize our water use, so we monitor it within our cooling, landscaping, and sanitation processes and at our manufacturing sites. Then we develop targeted ways to reduce it.


We’re not just protecting forests. We’re protecting generations of them.

Forests provide wood fiber for the paper we use in our packaging. They also clean our air, purify our water, and shelter our wildlife. So we work hard to minimize our impact by sourcing paper responsibly and using it as efficiently as possible. But that’s not enough. The world’s forests still face widespread destruction due to illegal logging, poor management, and aggressive land development. That’s why we’re determined to protect and create enough responsibly managed forests around the world to cover all our packaging needs and produce fiber for generations.